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Hot Oil Therapy Hair Pop

Perfect for dull, tired, lifeless looking hair. Put shine and bounce back in your hair with this easy to use hot oil hair pop. Just add 3 TBS of boiling water and stir to form a thick paste. Do drippy mess! Apply to hair and scalp and comb through ends. Comes with bamboo hair pick. Suitable for blonds and curls as well!

Our Pledge To Be Plastic Free

Since our start, creating zero-waste and earth-friendly products was important to us. Now we’re pledging to go farther.
By 2022, we aim to be a plastic-free company.
At the start of 2020, we made our first move … replacing plastic with biodegradable
corn-based PLA bio-plastic jars for our top selling face, hair, and body products.
We also introduced reusable/refillable tins for all our ‘plastic-saving’ bars.

Update: End of 2020 we have been able to remove 75% of all plastic from our product line. We have focused mostly on Aluminum, glass and paper packaging. Unfortunately the cosmetic industry does not have a solution for some things like plastic pumps and squeeze tubes yet.

Hair Care

Our collection of hair products range from leave-in conditioners, to African Mud Bricks, to hair pops, we can help keep your hair in top form.

Zero Waste

Zero-waste is a subject dear to us. We are working hard at creating new products so all of us can start getting rid of plastic waste today.

Face Care

We have a huge array of facial products with highly effective ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, hexapeptides and bio-cellulose, There’s something for everybody in our line.

white label
Private Labelling

We take the guess work and mystery out of how to get your own brand on the shelf at an affordable price.

We source the best ingredients we can, use as few chemicals as possible, sell it to you at an affordable price and make sure the planet doesn’t suffer. We hire local staff to make the products in small batches so it’s always fresh. We listen to your feedback, we never test on animals and we give you vegan and halal choices. We sincerely hope to create a more beautiful and happy you.

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