Cold Cream Is Making A Comeback!

Your Granny most likely used something called “Cold Cream” as part of her daily facial regime. Think Mrs. Doubtfire with her thick white creamed face!  What the heck was it, and why is it gaining popularity again?


How To Choose An Effective Mosquito Repellent That Is Natural & Safe

So many mosquito repellents are not really effective or only effective for a short time.  Others are so toxic that you should only put them on your skin if it is imperative to protect yourself (and then not too often).

Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the deadliest insects in the world. This is because carry life-threatening parasites and viruses and they have a very high rate of reproduction. Every year more than a million people die from the consequences of mosquito bites.


A Beginners Guide To Zero Waste and the 5 R’s

Why Is Zero Waste Important?

Zero Waste has become the new buzzword in the greener and safer society movement.

Scientists have been warning us about the negative impact of human activities on our environment and how they will make the world unsafe for many decades. Waste in every form has been singled out as one of the most notorious and dangerous product of human activities.


Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients, which effervesce when wet. A chemical reaction between the citric acid and the bicarbonate of soda causes the fizzing action. They are used to add essential oils, salts, bubbles or color to bathwater.


Reality check: Is your sunscreen harmful to you and the planet?

For many sunscreen products the short answer is yes! Many sunscreen products protect the skin from ultraviolet rays with chemical filters, but then tend to create new problems of their own.

Sunscreens containing chemicals such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate have been significantly contributing to destroying our ecosystem. Coral reefs are beautiful works of nature, but unfortunately human activities and the massive use of sunscreens is driving reefs to the brink of destruction. Scientists have discovered beyond reasonable doubt that chemicals contained in sunscreen have played a role in this destruction.


Read Your Labels: How To Choose Natural Products That Are Good For You

Learning to find products that are good for you, good for the environment, and have the positive effects you want for your hair & skin can be a little daunting at first. You pick up an innocent-looking bottle of cleanser or moisturizer to read the ingredients and find yourself faced with all kinds of long, impossible-to-pronounce words instead. Some of these crazy words are perfectly innocent, like Simmondsia Chinensis which is actually just good old jojoba oil, but there are others that can be a little more sinister.


The Self-Care Revolution: Why Self-Care Is Essential, Not An Indulgence

It’s no surprise that self-care has become such a trending topic of late. In an increasingly connected world, with global fear and political unrest on the rise, we’re all searching for a safe place and a brief respite from the constant flow of information. More than that, we’re realizing that it’s much better to take care of ourselves at home and avoid the doctor’s surgery than to ignore our health until a problem arises. A weekly face mask, an unplugged breakfast, or regular scheduled time off may seem like silly luxuries, but in reality, self-care is an essential element of living a healthy and happy life.



Leaf Juice is the brainchild of the established Tempat Senang Spa Resort & Restaurant brand from Batam Indonesia. At the heart of the group’s core principles is the importance of delivering the best wellness experience to guests using products of the highest quality. As commercial skincare products are increasingly filled with higher amounts of synthetics ingredients, the team became concerned about the quality of products that they were using on their guests – and of the products their guests were using at home. After years of operating in the wellness industry, the spa veterans decided to take action and expanded their portfolio to include Tempat Senang Laboratories in 2017.



From a young age, we learn to associate bubbles with cleanliness, but do you actually know why? Rather than doing any cleaning, bubbles mostly just create a nice lathering effect which can actually be detrimental to skin and hair health. We explore the dangers of bubbles, the chemicals to watch out for, and how to make the switch to healthier skincare products.


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