Cold Cream Is Making A Comeback!

Your Granny most likely used something called “Cold Cream” as part of her daily facial regime. Think Mrs. Doubtfire with her thick white creamed face!  What the heck was it, and why is it gaining popularity again?

Cold Cream feels cool on the skin, hence the name but it is designed to cleanse, soothe and soften the skin while removing make-up. Traditional “vintage” Cold Cream used equal parts of water and oil and ingredients such as beeswax to thicken the cream. Today’s cold creams offer vegan options by replacing beeswax with a plant-based candelilla wax and natural oils and butters with low comedogenic ratings such as sunflower oil and shea butter, both completely sustainable and with a zero comedogenic rating–so no worries about clogging your pores.

More and more research is shaking a finger at “Oil-free” products and harsh medicated face cleansers with alcohol and high levels of surfactants.  Research shows our skin needs these precious oils and butters, even people with acne! Think about it, we strip our skin from all its natural protective oils making it literally squeaky clean, sending the signal for our skin to go into overdrive and make more face oil, stressing out our skin. Cleaning with oil from the start, may sound counter-intuitive but it’s far more balancing and a less stressful way to loosen dirt and grime locked in those pores.

In efforts to cut back on unwanted plastic waste and as part of the zero-waste movement at we have designed cold cream in a bar that’s 100% natural. This bar is Infused with calendula oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, and 3 nurturing essential oils. Highly economical because the bar contains no water like most creams which do.

It’s convenient and easy to use: Just massage the cream bar on your face, work it in a bit, then wipe clean with a hot face towel. You most likely won’t need to add anything more to your face for the night. If you like to travel with your bar, pick up one of the convenient refillable travel tins. from the travel size section on our website or click on the link below.






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