Leaf Juice is the brainchild of the established Tempat Senang Spa Resort & Restaurant brand from Batam Indonesia. At the heart of the group’s core principles is the importance of delivering the best wellness experience to guests using products of the highest quality. As commercial skincare products are increasingly filled with higher amounts of synthetics ingredients, the team became concerned about the quality of products that they were using on their guests – and of the products their guests were using at home. After years of operating in the wellness industry, the spa veterans decided to take action and expanded their portfolio to include Tempat Senang Laboratories in 2017.

A small facility located on-site at Tempat Senang Spa Resort, Tempat Senang Laboratories helms the research and development of Leaf Juice, the group’s new range of plant-based skincare products. Initially designed only for Tempats Senang’s in-house spa guests, Leaf Juice products are now available online and at the Tempat Senang Spa Shop for everyone. Using more active ingredients and botanicals in their product formulas, the Leaf Juice range is loaded with natural extracts, hydrosols, minerals, and vitamins. There is minimal use of chemicals and preservatives in the products (less than 1% preservatives), and absolutely no use of parabens, sulfates, enhancers, or fillers. Unlike big commercial brands, Leaf Juice contains as little water as necessary – often none at all – meaning there is a much higher percentage of real natural goodness in every bottle.

The ingredients found in Leaf Juice products are derived from natural sources around the world, from Amazonian jungles to the Indonesian tropics. Tempat Senang Spa’s customers can expect to experience Leaf Juice in their standard spa treatments, but everyone can now also take home the spa experience in little Leaf Juice packages. From face care and hair treatments to essential oils and scented candles, all Leaf Juice products are cruelty-free, vegan, and Halal. The Bio-Cellulose Green Tea & Silk Facial Mask contains bio-cellulose and green tea extract, perfect for hydration and anti-aging effects. Leaf Juice also tackles common problems such as breakouts with their Black Head Peel-Off Mask, and thinning hair with their Herbal Hair Tonic. The Mosquito Repellent made with andiroba oil and citronella is sure to keep those annoying mozzies away from you, and if a few manage to get to you, fret not – the Itchy Stix is a bite relief that really works! Treat your skin to naturally luscious body washes in different scents, and you can event combat body odour the natural way with the Orange & Ginger Natural Deodorant. To ensure the freshness of the natural active ingredients, everything is made in small batches in the accredited laboratory and carefully packaged into user-friendly containers. The products are also designed for use in the tropics, meaning you won’t be left with a lingering “sticky” feeling after use.

Leaf Juice was created in a determined effort to make more natural products available and affordable for everyone. The team have designed products that they use themselves, and are proud to use on their customers. Constantly striving for more leaf juice in products than just water, you can rest assured that your Leaf Juice package will always be chock-full of natural goodness for your body.

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