Oil Cleanser

SIZE : 200ml Pump Bottle

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Oil Cleansing. Why is this a good thing?

If the idea of smearing oil all over your face makes you cringe—please read on!

Researchers are re-discovering huge benefits from oils for our skin. More and more of use are shifting away from soapy, foamy, harsh, oil-free cleansers.

Oil cleansing is the process of deep cleaning your face with oil instead of soap and water.

Oil does a much better job of dissolving and removing dirt, blackheads, makeup, and oil clogged pores than anything else. It’s like the old adage fight fire with fire, here we fight oil with oil, basically melting away dirt.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, even acne is best fought with proper oil cleansing.

People with oily or acne-prone skin tend to over clean and dry out their skin, which sends the signal to overcompensate and make more sebum. Proper oil cleansing can reduce chronic blackheads and diminish breakouts.

Since oil has mild properties, it won’t cause irritation or an extreme reaction the same way harsher products can and most importantly it keeps your skin’s eco-system intact. Just like our gut contains bacteria, so should our skin and scalp. Oil cleansing helps protect the natural lipid layer which is where the “Good bacteria” lives. Help restore your skins natural balance with oil cleansing—your skin knows what to do to make you glow.

150ml pump bottle with Peppermint and Lemon essential oil

Key Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil

Praised for it's anti acne and anti-bacterial properties, it also has a calming and relaxing aromatherapy effect.

Orange Essential Oil

Improves texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness, 

Argan )il

Valuable natural emollient with excellent nutritional benefits for skin and hair

Avocado Oil

High content of vitamins A, B, D and E and essential fatty acids Excellent for Skin and Hair

Sunflower Oil

Effective natural humectant rich with vitamins

Castor oil

Natural oil extracted from the castor bean widely used in hair and skin products

Vit E


Why You'll Love It

no palm oil
No Animal
100% natural
sulphate free
  • No Color
  • NO WATER/li>

How to Use

Important is how you oil cleanse.

Take a generous portion of cleansing oil, about the size of a quarter and rub to warm the oil in your hands. Take a moment to apply and work it in all over your dry face and neck. Work with your palms and fingertips for minimum of 1-2 minute.

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