Hot Oil Therapy Hair Pop


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Perfect for dull, tired, lifeless looking hair. Put shine and bounce back in your hair with this easy to use hot oil hair pop. Just add 3 TBS of boiling water and stir to form a thick paste. Do drippy mess! Apply to hair and scalp and comb through ends. Comes with bamboo hair pick.

Suitable for blonds and curls as well!


Additional information

Weight0.495 kg

Key Ingredients

Argan oil
Irish Moss
Cacao Butter
Virgin Coconut Oil

How to Use

In a small bowl or coffee mug mix in 3 TBS of boiling water and stir continuosly until a thick paste forms. Apply while still warm to dry hair (oil and water don’t mix well). Use the bamboo fork to part hair and apply to roots first. Once entire head is covered pull oil through hair and wrap with a shower cap or old towel. ┬áLeave in for 30-60 min. and rinse out. Shampoo if hair feels too heavy. Any leftovers can be saved for up to 1 month.

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