Lavender Conditioning Shampoo Bar in Travel Tin


Clean and moisturize your hair with the herbaceous flavor of French lavender
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Eco-friendly SULFATE FREE shampoo bar  Cleans and conditions your hair with the herbaceous aroma of real lavender oil. Made with local Hibiscus leaf extract that conditions and nourishes. Each bar is approx. the equivalent to saving  3 plastic bottles. Optional travel tin available. This is a refill bar. 75gr


Key Ingredients

Virgin coconut oil

Oil high in lauric acid and vitamin E, excellent emollient for Skin and hair

Cacao butter

Highly moisturising vegetable fat from the cacao bean

Lavender Essential Oil

Promotes healthy hair and scalp


Panthenol works by improving the effects of hair elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility

Hibiscus leaf extract

Natural Hair conditioner, helps prevent fall out, dryness and frizz. Adds volume to hair


A humectant, glycerine draws moisture from the air into your skin

sodium lactate

Sodium lactate is the sodium salt of lactic acid, produced by fermentation of a sugar source. Used as a humectant

Surfactants. SCI & DLS

Gentle sulfate-free surfactants

Why You'll Love It

No Animal
sulphate free
  • No Silicon

How to Use

Wet hair and rub shampoo bar directly on to wet hair.
A little bit goes a long way.
Bar will last longer if kept dry between uses.

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