Soap Nuts


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Soap nuts are a perfect solution for those with allergies to soaps and other skin sensitivities.

Soap Nuts are not nuts, they are actually a berry related to the lychee.

When mixed with water they release saponin, a natural surfactant used to clean and bind with dirt.

Place about 5 of these nuts directly in the little laundry bag provided and you will benefit from naturally clean, fresh, smelling laundry.

This bag is good for about 200 loads of laundry. Also available as a liquid.

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Weight 1.1 kg

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Key Ingredients

Whole soap nuts.

How to Use

Not recommended for whites.
Place 5 soap nuts in the small cotton bag provided.
Toss in the machine with your clothes. You can use them up to 10 times depending on the water temperature. Hot water less times.
Presoaking overnight will help extra dirty laundry.
Hang nuts to dry between washings. You can also rub stubborn stains with the wet soap nut bag and form a lather. Your laundry will smell clean and fresh without chemicals or added fragrances.