Eco Laundry Booster & STAIN REMOVER


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Removes stain, disinfects, deodorizes and bleaches without any chemicals!

Works as an oxygen laundry soap booster. Cleans wood, wicker, colored fabrics without damaging. 100% Natural. Dissolve in warm water and let it work the magic.

Warning: Do not store liquid as it releases Oxygen and container will expand!

500gr box

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg

Quick Glance

  • NO Phosphate
  • 100% Natural

Key Ingredients

Sodium Percarbonate

How To Use

Wet stain area with warm water and pre wash with some soap. Sprinkle with stain removing salt and work into wet area. Use a brush and repeat if necessary.

For whitening collars and armpit stains place 60gr of salt in 2-3 liters od warm water and soak over night. For diapers use double the above amount.