Travel Size Mosquito spray


Highly effective plant based repellent.
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Mosquito Spray that really works! One application lasts up to 4 Hours! The highly effective plant-based compound (PMD) confuses mosquitos of your whereabouts by altering your thermal image. Pleasant lemongrass scent, 100% natural, but functions similar to Deet, without the toxicity.

50ml pocket size spray bottle.

Key Ingredients

PMD = OEL Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

Highly effective natural mosquito repellent isolated from oil of lemon eucalyptus

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Helps keep skin and hair healthy. Packed with vitamins A&C


Helps to disperse active ingredient

Why You'll Love It

no palm oil
No Animal
100% natural
  • No Nut oil

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Due to Covid-19, local delivery is available in Ubud and Batam and for pickup in Singapore via the Tanah Merah ferry terminal. Sorry for any inconvenience.