Cleansing Face Balm Lemon-rose


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Nothing beats the feeling of clean when you wash with a balm! Deep clean dirt, impurities and make up, while moisturizing and protecting the skin’s barrier. Rose petals and lemon oil help to lightly exfoliate, leaving you with a dewy glow and super soft skin. When you rise with water, it turns to lotion; you might even forget to moisturize.
50ml Jar
100% natural & Vegan

Scoop with 1 finger the balm and apply to dry skin massaging entire face and neck. Work it in well, dissolving dirt and makeup. Then add a small amount of water and work to a cream. Rinse well. Don’t for get to moisturize.

Acne prone? No worries all the oils have been carefully selected for their low comedogenic ratings.

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