People & Planet Friendly Shampoo




You’ve just gone green! By using your own bottle you’ve managed to save the planet from one less plastic bottle. Even better, by filling your bottle with water at home, you’ve just lowered the carbon footprint reducing greenhouse gases from bulky transport. Well done you!
100% natural sulfate free shampoo with plant-based ingredients. No fake fragrances or colors.

How does it work: Empty the contents of this packet into an empty 500ml shampoo bottle and fill the bottle with clean, warm water. If you don’t have clean water boil it first. Gently dissolve the powder by tipping the bottle back and forth. Your shampoo might take up to one day to dissolve, but once prepared will last 1 year.

5 Exciting flavors
Banana Coconut
Butterfly Pea Flower
Acai Berry & Lavender
Marshmallow Root & Anise

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